Homeland booklet translation

Since I got Homeland on the Nintendo Gamecube, I wanted to learn more about the different modes (Actually, I just found out there is a lot of info on the wikipedia page!). Anyway, I made it as an exercise, to translate more Japanese text.








— English translation —

Departure for Homeland

Homeland, a world where many adventures and unforeseen meetings can happen! 

In this world, you will experience a story that can change according to the puzzles and trials you overcome with other adventurers.

Also, by connecting to the network, you can meet other questers from all around the country and go on an adventure together, while another player controls the “god”.

One day, the adventure’s door opens suddently. Have you prepared everything? Right, have fun in this adventure!

— French Translation —

Départ pour Homeland

Homeland, un monde ou de nombreuses aventures et rencontres innatendues peuvent se dérouler!

Dans ce monde, les énigmes et les épreuves que vous résoudrez avec les autres quêteurs sont autant de changements dans l’histoire dont vous pourrez faire l’expérience.

Aussi, en vous connectant en réseau, vous pourrez croiser des quêteurs de tout le pays et partir à l’aventure ensemble, pendant qu’un autre joueur contrôle le “dieu”.

Un beau jour, la porte de l’aventure s’ouvre soudainement. Êtes-vous prêt pour l’aventure?

Bien, puissiez-vous vous amuser dans cette aventure!

I’m making progress in my game (footage soon!) but something really funny happened just now. 

If you’re not friendly with the C++ programming language, I’ll try to make it simple :

For sound effects, I was removing sounds from a list when they finished playing. For this, I use a special function that takes a sound, and just see if it’s stopped. Easy.

The thing is: in C++, you can pass variables by value, or by reference (i.e. you can copy the whole data, or just an alias). I made the mistake to pass it by value — I wasn’t paying enough attention :O — and Oh, all the difference it makes. Before, sounds where deleted everytime (because the original sound was playing, but not the copy). Now, sounds are deleted only when needed (when they’re not playing) so I can hear pew-pew sounds coming from all sides!